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I Will Always Be...

OCTOBER 02, 2023


09/30/23 10:30 AM


As I mentioned in a recent post, I was never formally diagnosed, but as I've said before it sure would answer a lot of questions about my life to accept the diagnosis for that which has never been tested and diagnosed.

I'm going back to the Matthew character in the series, The Chosen. As I've said before, I can truly relate to him. It's how God wired me. It's in my DNA.

No matter what God shows me or allows me to see, I will always resort back to the way I'm wired. I'll say it again. It's in my DNA.

More than one can imagine, I wish my parents had understood autism. It might have helped them to better understand my thought process. The truth is that no one knew what Autism was back then. And no one knew how common it was.

To their credit, they were two of the most understanding parents a guy could ask for. They gave me the space to become the person whom God created me to be and my wife has picked up right where they left off in that respect.

For me, being a high-functioning autistic person has become my super-power. I'm (as I've said before) grateful! I'm grateful that God knew what He was doing and that he has chosen to reveal to me His intentions. It makes for a much better, and more comfortable, way of living. As comfortable as God wants me to be anyway.

Never would I have imagined how much there was and still is to learn from the soulmates that God chose for my kids. I'm far from wired like either of them and yet I can plainly see the gifts that God has provided for them and what He wants to teach me through those gifts.

Again, I'm not wired that way, but God has used their gifts to challenge me and to expand my thinking. I'm so grateful for what I have learned and continue to learn from each of them. And I'm especially grateful that Allie and Jonathan had the wisdom to make such wonderful choices.

I would be remiss if I failed to credit my own soulmate for all that I have leared from her about my super-power. I fear I would have been clueless without her knowledge and wisdom. I'm so grateful for the doors to understanding which she has opened for me. Her research skills are amazing!

God has been so good to all of us!


OCTOBER 01, 2023


09/30/23 7:05 AM


I've mentioned this before.

It's a word that best describes my thoughts toward God's involvement in my life.

In fact, a quick search for 'grateful' here on the website would indicate the word has been used in 64 posts - 65 after this one.

I honestly believe that only the design of God could have allowed both Patty and I to retire. There is no way I could have financially prepared for retirement on my own.

And it was sort of a 'just in time' process. In our last couple of moves we were able to sell our homes well above our purchase price and put the money in savings. That's especially true for the sale of the Crawfordville home, but also true of our last four home sales.

I really mean it when I say that I think God looked down upon me and realized I would need his help. So, He stepped in big-time.

There's no way I could ever be tempted to write something about the topic of 'how to retire' except to say that God intervened, even when I didn't ask Him.

I think He looked down upon me and said to himself that he had better help this pour soul if this pour should hope to retire. There's no false humility here. It's how I honestly feel and what I believe, and am convinced, He did for us.

I also provide a lot of credit to my dear wife who was so able to look ahead and see the benefit of avoiding a lump sum on her (early) retirement payout and instead opting for a monthly retirement payment. Thank you dear for your wisdom in that matter.


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