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Month End

Published for Wednesday - January 31, 2024

Month End 2

Written Tuesday - 01/30/24 8:00 AM

Just finished up another run and it's that time. Time to do the end of the month routine here on the blog.

Actually, I do it on the first of the month but what's a day between friends? As I type it's Tuesday (Patty's Birthday) and I have Therapy at 11 AM and a grocery pickup at noon.

I was hoping to take Patty out for her birthday, but she sounds like she has what I had and am now trying to get rid of. I promise you that what I had, and to some extent still have, is not any fun.

No weights today but maybe that good run will chase away this creeping crud before I jump on those errands I mentioned earlier.

Oh, and I must say that being on the SSB side of the ham radio has been a lot of fun. Several Pota stations worked, Winter Field Day, and just some of your basic QSO's, not to mention getting Noah started in the hobby and still doing some digital FT8 and FT4. And I'm getting some awesome signal reports on the hexbeam. Makes it all worth while.

Happy Birthday Patty!

Published for Tuesday - January 30, 2024

Happy Birthday Patty 2

Written Friday - 01/26/24 8:00 AM

Today is the day we celebrate the birth of my wonderful soulmate. How old is she? Well, I'll just say she hasn't reached her 70's yet. How about that?

By the time this is published, the family will have celebrated her birthday at the Olive Garden in Gadsden, AL. And we would have also traveled over to the factory and spent some time celebrating Gabe's birthday on the trampolines and with some laser tag.

Happy Birthday!

Ham Radio Log History

Published for Monday - January 29, 2024


Written Saturday - 01/27/24 8:20 AM

When we moved from Douglasville, GA to Pensacola, FL we moved to a townhouse and I honestly thought I was going to leave the ham radio ranks. After all, a townhouse is not very suitable for the ham radio hobby. Especially when it comes to trying to put up an antenna.

Well, the townhouse life lasted about 4 years and then we moved inland and back to a house. I managed to purchase an Icom 7600 with a power supply and an antenna tuner. Furthermore, I was able to string up a 20 meter dipole in the attic and did a pretty good bit of 20m SSB (20 meter single side band) between April 16, 2016 and March 18, 2017.

I noticed in the log book that I dabbled with RTTY (Ham Radio Teletype) between December 10, 2016 and December 17, 2016 and even did some PSK31 as well. I did that with a keyboard USB attached to my rig. That period was my first exposure to and the 646 contacts I made were logged in my Escambia County Log book on

Still searching for ocean-front, Patty found a beautiful ocean-front home in Crawfordville, FL and we moved there on Cinco de Mayo in the year 2017. Two days later on May 7, 2017 I assembled my ham radio gear and went live with the same 20 meter dipole antenna - this time strung up outside on the porch rail which was some 25' in the air.

I started tracking the WAS (worked all states) award and the DXCC award (DX Century Club = 100 world-wide entities.) I completed the DXCC award on Feb 18, 2019 with Peru.

According to my Wakulla log book on, it looks like I was operating SSB up until 06/12/2018 and moved to PSK31 (digital) on 06/15/2018. It looks like I went back to SSB on 07/14/2018 (I also retired from IBM during this month) and made my first FT8 contact on 10/6/2018.

I apparently stayed on SSB until 01/16/2019 and made the switch over to all digital (FT8 only) on 01/18/2019 and once again started tracking my WAS award. Around 02/02/2019 I realized I could tune up on 17 meters and started using that with 20 meters to try and earn my WAS which I completed in the fall of 2019.

While operating in Wakulla, County I also put up a 40 meter dipole and used it with 17m and 20m for the balance of my time in Florida and the balance of my 5,287 contacts made there in Crawfordville and logged in the Wakulla logbook. I closed shop in Florida on 07/13/2021 and opened up my Baldwin county logbook on 10/01/2021.

The Baldwin county, Alabama (Spanish Fort, AL) operation involved another attic mounted 20m dipole and 1,526 digital FT8 and FT4 contacts. I closed shop in Spanish Fort on 06/14/2022 and opened shop here in Calhoun County on 07/25/2022. I put up a hexbeam and a rotor and have enjoyed 6m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, and 20m all on the hexbeam. It has even allowed me to tune up on 30m, 40m, and earn a few contacts on 80m. I don't understand it but am not going to press my luck by asking questions.

So, using for my logging, it looks like I have made a total of 17,459 contacts in all 4 logbooks over a 7 year and 9 month period.

Now I would add 30 winter field day contacts made on 15 meter SSB. First opportunity to be back on voice in quite a long time. Very exciting to work those stations so well with the hexbeam. Fantastic signal reports too!

Book Reading

Published for Sunday - January 28, 2024

Book Reading

Written Friday - 01/26/24 9:50 AM

Yesterday, I earned another book credit on Audible. Truth is, I have no idea what book I now want to read.

Having books read to me on Audible has become a great part of life. I don't read well from paper but I consume so much more when a book is read aloud to me.

I haven't checked, but I believe I've consumed about 15 books since I started my Audible account in this past year. Most have been politically oriented but a few have been from a completely different genre and all have been rewarding and memorable.

A couple of the books were written by Victor Davis Hanson and his books are always an exercise found in the online dictionary. His vocabulary is quite advanced compared to mine.

Sometimes it's nice to have a book read to me where there's not so much digging into the online dictionary. In fact, at my age, it's tough to remember the meaning of some of the new words I come across. That's not a good thing.

Deep Dive

Published for Saturday - January 27, 2024

Deep Dive

Written Friday - 01/26/24 8:30 AM

Back on the 21st of this month, I published a post about routine. In it I basically mentioned that I enjoy offering some blog posts and others are just part of the routine.

Lately there's been a lot of blog posts that are part of the routine. I haven't stopped to write something meaningful for quite a while now. And, I feel the downside effects.

Writing needs to be fun and enjoyable, and my commitment to a daily post needs to be from the heart and not just a blurb as it has too often been lately.

It's okay to mention things that I want to be able to go back and revisit, but those need to be included in the context of something deeper and more about life and living, not just a brief mention of some factoid.

Even my 10,000 contacts became a grueling and mindless goal that was all about some number that I had imagined meant something to me and would mean something to others. In fact, I'm not so sure it really meant much to me.

I suppose it's good to have this kind of talk with myself and to reaffirm my commitment to something deeper.

Let's dive deeper into life! Smiley

Ham Radio Digital Modes

Published for Friday - January 26, 2024

Digital X

Written Thursday - 01/25/24 7:00 AM

Well, the big deal is the 10,000 digital contacts that I should report tomorrow at the latest. I'm currently at 9,950 and 10k is just ahead of me.

I'm not sure if I should focus on Oceania thereafter (while I'm still operating in digital mode) or move to more of a mic based QSO style.

One thing is for sure, I will have put aside a major goal. And, it will definitely have an impact on my operating style.

I also have a weird situation occuring on my screen and have no idea how to correct it. It seems that for no apparent reason the cursor will suddenly move and will often take with it some of the text.

It's a very frustrating scenario and I have no idea what started it or how to fix it.

Strange, but with this new paragraph the problem has almost gone away and it seems that things are almost back to normal, but it still happens every now and then - just no where near as often as before.

In fact, I now believe the problem has left completely and as quickly as it arrived. Very odd...

Addendum: 1/26/24 7:25 AM

At around 6:45 PM on 1/25/24, I completed the 10,000 contacts mark.


Mixed Bag

Published for Thursday - January 25, 2024

Mixed Bag

Written Wednesday - 01/24/24 3:55 PM

This time it's a mixed bag of cats instead of mixed nuts.

It's been a quiet day around the DeLoach homestead. I had a nice chat with Jimmy on 52 simplex.

I'm looking forward to celebrating Patty's and Gabe's birthdays this coming weekend. We're treating everyone to lunch at the Olive Garden and that will be followed up with trampolines and laser tag thanks to the factory over in Gadsden and hosted by Allie and Josh.

I also got to my first of three Therapy sessions this week for my wonkiness. Looks like all of this will end up next week. I did some deep digging on my balance situation and it may be something I have to learn to live with.

When I asked my primary therapist why I have this and others don't she asked me why some people require contacts or glasses and others don't. Upon further inquiry, she assured me there was no magic pill or she would have been out of a job long ago.

Patty just came down and introduced me to her latest creation. It's a non-alcoholic drink she is calling a Cranberry Fizz. Boy is it ever good (and beautiful!) She is calling it a nice alternative to wine and I would have to agree with that too.

I got my download from the Anniston Hospital and called the doctor to whom I want to send it and requested an email address. Looking forward to sending that information along and taking the next step in that progression.

Also on the ham radio front, I'm only 100 contacts away from the 10,000 contacts worked goal. That's quite an accomplishment for the 19 month we've lived here, even if I do say so myself, LoL! Smiley

Mixed Nuts

Published for Wednesday - January 24, 2024

Mixed Nuts

Written Tuesday - 01/23/24 2:25 PM

Mixed Nuts. It seemed like a good title for a multi-topic blog entry.

First off, we're in the middle of a massive thaw. As evidenced by one of the pictures included in this post, temps got well below freezing although it may be a week of two before we see any more cold temps around here again.

Temp Cold

Last night we had a halo around our moon. I snapped a picture of it right above our driveway, but the picture didn't do justice to what I saw.

Halo Moon

Tonight, Patty and I are going to do our pizza and a political watchnight. We think we know the results on this one, but it still promises to be interesting. The New Hampshire primary will be the 'sujet de la soiree' (topic of the night.)

I'm still a bit under the weather as evidenced by the large number of tissues disposed in the garbage. However, I feel like I'm in recovery mode.

The Mystery of Her

Published for Tuesday - January 23, 2024

The Mystery of Her

Written Sunday - 01/21/24 6:25 PM

There's a movie I remember that I liked, but I couldn't remember why. So after quite a long time, I watched it again.

The name of the movie was The Mystery of Her and it was as good as I remember, but for very different reasons. In a way it was a feel-good movie but in another way, it wasn't.

I suppose it was the justice-seeker in me that was satisfied in watching the film, but don't read my comment with any idea that it was the primary focus.

I like the way the story was written and I like the idea of having a person discover who they are and what they want out of life. I particularly like the way the writer used some interesting characters to move the story along in that direction.

I'm not sure I would recommend the movie to just anyone because it had a bit of an artsy-fartsy feel to it and that's not for everyone. It did however work very well for me.

The Note

Published for Monday - January 22, 2024

The Note

Written Saturday - 01/20/24 12:40 PM

I watched a movie last night. It's been quite a while since I've seen it, but I've seen it a couple of times over the years I've owned it.

What was the movie? It was The Note starring Genie Francis and Ted McGinley.

I wish I had written the script for that film. I thought it was that good and I related to it completely.

The acting was also superb as was the direction and production values. There was nothing second rate in my mind. I also enjoyed the nice twist at the end where the 'bad guy' turns out to be a 'good guy.'

And I particularly enjoyed the way the writer took me through the story. Too often films fall short of telling the complete story but this one didn't. It didn't leave me hanging but tied up all of the loose ends very nicely and all of it was very believable.

In searching for an image to share here on the post, I discovered that there are two Sequels. I'm going to have to see if I can dig them up and watch them.


Published for Sunday - January 21, 2024

Routine 2

Written Friday - 01/19/24 12:20 PM

I enjoy routine. It's that simple.

My days are somewhat filled with routine. Routine tends to make the days seem to pass faster, but that's okay. It's how important I feel my routine is and how much I enjoy it.

I'm the first to admit that retirement provides a great contribution to one's opportunity for a routine. Before retirement, with kids still at home, routines had to have much more flexibility. Not as much anymore.

When I retired, I told Patty I felt I needed to share more in the around the house routine. We worked out a great deal where she does the cooking and I do the clean-up afterward. She orders the food and I go pick it up.

I start my day at 6:30 AM with a workout and a run. I start the coffee afterward and usually get the bed made and my bathroom routine in shortly thereafter. She washes clothes, I make the bed, and we both fold and put away.

Staying away from vertigo involves consuming two 32 ounce bottles of water each day. I also log my fitness and weight each day. Like I indicated, I'm a routine kind of guy.

I usually get some ham radio in at various points in the day and I also follow my commitment to blog each and every day. It's something I really enjoy some days and it's just part of the routine on others.

Evenings tend to be wide open and I'm a relatively early to bed kind of guy since I've trained myself to be an early riser. There are other parts of my routine, such as reading and daily prayer, but I'll leave them alone for now.

Maybe that will be another post for another day.

Faucet Drip

Published for Saturday - January 20, 2024

Faucet Drip

Written Thursday - 01/18/24 3:15 PM

Well, today will be the first day in a while where we will not neet to drip the faucet. Looks like the weather is slated to stay just above the point of freezing.

We've had some pretty cold days and nights and have given our heating unit a real workout. I'm looking forward to giving it a rest.

I'm not looking forward to next month's power bill. I'm afraid it's not going to be a very pretty picture.

Thanks to the Lord for all of the wonderful provision. I can't begin to say just how grateful I am for that!

Gabe's Birthday

Published for Friday - January 19, 2024


Written Thursday - 01/18/24 7:20 AM

Now that the Snow family has moved back over this way, it's a delight to be able to celebrate the grandson's birthdays. Gabe's is this coming Sunday and we're going to a kids place called The Factory to celebrate.

We start out with Laser Tag (which Gabe loves and is good at) and move to the trampolines (which Gabe is also very good at) to finish up the day.

Oh, and we're going to Mickey D's before The Factory and cake will be involved at some point - either at Mickey D's or the Factory.

Happy Birthday, Gabe!

Iowa Caucus

Published for Thursday - January 18, 2024

Iowa Caucus

Written Tuesday - 01/16/24 3:00 PM

I'm not very familiar with the idea of doing a caucus for a presidential election. Certainly I've never participated in one and don't expect to.

Former President Trump won the Iowa 2024 caucus hands down. It was the first evidence of work toward a presidential candidate being selected for the Republican party.

I tend to primarily watch Fox News for my political content, but decided to peek in on CNN and see what kind of stats they might provide. To their credit, they told the story of the numbers just as I suspected and did a far better job than their competitors. Still, their bias shined through loud and clear.

They left no doubt in my mind that they did not like Trump. When one of the talking heads on CNN tried to share something favorable toward Trump, he was shot down in mid-sentence by the other talking heads.

I swapped over to Fox News but, as expected, they were talking up Trump and not providing the numbers that I wanted. Oh well...

Had to mention that It's Wednesday morning as I type and this morning the temp was down in the high single digits.


Published for Wednesday - January 17, 2024


Written Tuesday - 01/16/24 7:15 AM

Well, I got up around 3:30 AM the first time to check things out. The temp as shared on my phone app was 27 °F. However, the temp on the outside located thermometer was only 20 °F.

That's the first time I've ever seen the outside temp fall below the one listed on the internet. It's usually the other way around and by a margin of 5 to 10 degrees °F.

I got back up 20 minutes later and the internet temp was 25 °F as opposed to the outdoor thermometer which came in at 22 °F. They were inching closer together but the outdoor temp was still below the internet listed temp. That is totally unusual around here.

Outside, there's no evidence of any precip in the front, but the same cannot be said for the back. The upper deck is wet and there are frozen drops of water hanging from the guard rails.

As I type it's cold down stairs and I'm mentally preparing for a run. The time is 7:26 AM. The internet temp comes in at 18 °F and the outdoor temp is down at 15 °F. I never dreamed we would see temps like that around here.

Water is still being dripped at the kitchen sink and will probably continue for a good part of the day if not the entire day. Fortunately, I cancelled my therapy appointment and can stay tucked in for tomorrow.

Addendum: 1/16/24 8:05 AM

It's still only 15 °F so the precip I'm seeing must be sleet or frozen rain. I suspect it's sleet judging by the appearance of it. I just found the following definitions on Google of the difference between sleet and freezing rain.

'Freezing rain develops when the raindrops do not have time to freeze before hitting the ground. The water then freezes once it hits the ground, making a layer of ice. Sleet is when frozen precipitation melts as it falls through warm air and then refreezes before it hits the ground.'

So, what I'm seeing is definitely sleet - according to the above anyway.

Addendum #2: 1/16/24 8:30 AM

Just looked out the window and now it's snowing! Smiley

Wild Weather

Published for Tuesday - January 16, 2024


Written Monday - 01/15/24 9:10 AM

Well, as I type it's Monday and we're headed for some rough weather tomorrow. Rough weather?

Yep! Accumulations of ice and snow are possible with lengthy periods of below freezing temps. That makes for a rough combination.

What really concerns me is that our water is pumped up the hill since we're on a relatively high point. If power drops around here (and particularly to that pumping station) then we won't have any water to drip. I'm not quite sure how to handle that scenario but suppose I will find out if we lose power.

Ham Radio Outing

Published for Monday - January 15, 2024

Radio Lunch

Written Sunday - 01/14/24 7:00 AM

Patty and I had an opportunity to join the 2 meter crowd that frequents Bob's repeater. We met this past Saturday for lunch at Charlie B's in Oneonta, Alabama. It was billed as a Christmas dinner even though we met well beyond Christmas and New Years day.

Patty and I sat at the table with Rodney, Phil, and Ernie. That's Rodney in the picture above. It was a good lunch and a wonderful time with great friends.

Bob hosted the event and took a few minutes to share the repeater's history. I've heard most of that before but it's always good to get a refresher. Looking forward to doing it again next year.

More Politics

Published for Sunday - January 14, 2024

More Politics 2

Written Friday - 01/12/24 4:00 PM

The more corruption I become aware of in our political system, the more I am surprised at how long it has actually been around and how gullible I and so many others have been in supporting it.

Being retired has provided me with a window into things that have been nothing short of shocking. I've wondered how people like President Biden have been able to carry on the charade that they have so skillfully crafted.

Maybe I'm just the odd man out because a lot of people continue to support Biden. Am I the fool? Am I missing something?

As I think I have said before, my support for Trump was nothing more than a vote agaist Hillary Clinton. Do I like the guy? Well, he has his problems. But, Hillary has more and they are bigger in my opinion!

I think evidence would suggest that Trump did a pretty good job in his role as President of the United States - at least when it comes to the way I think the Nation should be run.

Would I have done a few things differently? Absolutely! Is Trump corrupt? I don't see any real evidence of it, but I am confident that he is at least hungry for power. Unfortunately, having power is how people get things done and his and Biden's power, no matter how obtained, enabled them both to get a lot of things done.

So where does that power come from? Well, it can come from the press, influencers on all sorts of media, voters who might see thing the same or differently from me, organizations with agendas, dishonest and honest politicians, and still other places.

With Biden's ego, he might just try to pull off the upset of the century and I honestly don't think he can do it. Of course I've been wrong before. I guess we'll see...

The Chosen

Published for Saturday - January 13, 2024


Written Friday - 01/12/24 11:00 AM

I've caught up on The Chosen episodes. Last night, I just finished watching the last episode of season 3. I noticed that season 4 will start off in theaters and I suspect at some point will move to The Chosen app I have installed on Patty's and my iPads.

The writing is amazing and the acting is equally superb. I can't get over the way that the writers have taken liberties at just the right points and with just the right amount of creativity. They have definitely provided the human element to a story that we too often read without that element.

According to the blog, there will be 7 seasons. Also, according to the website, seasons 5-7 will be brought to audiences 'as fast as possible without sacrificing quality.'

I would also note that the production value for each episode has been second to none. I've noticed that an amazing amount of planning and funds have gone into the set, the wardrobe, and even the things that could have been left out or left to our imagination.

From walking on the water to everything else that has been included, no expense seems to have been spared. It's such a treat to watch something that has been portrayed with so much realism. Those responsible have done an amazing job in making that happen.

Stream of Consciousness

Published for Friday - January 12, 2024


Written Thursday - 01/11/24 10:50 AM

I like this 'stream of consciousness' writing like I did in yesterday's post. It provides me with an opportunity to write without a topic upon which to focus. I guess the truth is that I do a lot of that here on my book of memories (blog.)

Today was a down day in the gym (no weights, just running) and those are always a welcome opportunity. I'm also focusing upon losing a few pounds. I'm only one pound from the top of my range and I've been hanging out up there for quite a while, so it's time.

We've got some wild winter weather headed our way with temps way down below freezing. We've also got a ham radio dinner to attend but fortunately the two do not present a conflict. The dinner is for lunch on Saturday and the winter weather is scheduled for early next week. Hope we don't lose our power in that weather event.

Grandson Gabe, has a birthday coming up the weekend after the weather is supposed to arrive and we hope things will work out for us to host that event. He apparently has a new friend and may bring him with them. The factory is always a big hit and we will probably go ahead and do the party there. There's plenty of laser-tag to be had and a lot of indoor trampoline jumping as well.


Published for Thursday - January 11, 2024


Written Wednesday - 01/10/24 3:35 PM

I've always been interested in journaling. Sometimes when I'm out at a store that carries leather bound journals I find myself perusing them. The Cracker Barrel is a good example. I was there recently and they had some leather-bound journals that looked beautifully old and interesting.

But at the same time, I always return to blogging and the online internet. I suppose that's because I don't write very neatly and this typing thing allows me to write stream-of-consciousness stuff and then go back and make corrections as necessary.

I don't think I'm as good a writer as others in my family (my wife, son, and daughter come to mind) but I guess the rest of us can just be great pretenders and legends in our own minds, LoL!

I started this thing as a legitimate blog back around 2005. I even had readers and responders and was keeping up with the blogging trends. But over time my blog has become a scrapbook of memories or, as in this case, just a place to go and share my thoughts without any concern for a grade or any negative consequences.

Still, if you made it by, I hope you're having a great day and enjoying the reading.

More Weather

Published for Wednesday - January 10, 2024


Written Tuesday - 01/09/24 12:25 PM

Had to go to the doctor very early about double vision. He already took corrective measures but they didn't last long. He took another step and all looked very good on the drive today back to the house.

As such, I just finished my run for the day (no weights today) and decided to work on the next blog entry. As for the weather, we had a major storm last night and the rain gauge was filled to the top (over 5 inches!)

I have included weather map images of the storm taken from the phone.





Published for Tuesday - January 09, 2024


Written Monday - 01/08/24 7:10 AM

Well, it looks like we're probably going to avoid any snow or wintry mix. However, the rains and winds seem to be headed this way.

I suspect we will miss most of the stronger excitement but still may be in line for some of the left-overs. And, they may not be that much fun - especially the winds.

As usual, the rains and the freezing weather don't seem to arrive at the same time, but you won't hear this guy complain about that. And as cheap as our water is, there's just no problem doing the drip thing if we're supposed to fall below freezing overnight.

Looks like we may be doing some drip stuff coming up this weekend and on into early next week. We'll see if the forecast holds together.

Jesus Revolution

Published for Monday - January 08, 2024

Jesus Revolution

Written Sunday - 01/07/24 7:15 AM

Just finished a 2 miler on the treadmill and was reflecting upon the book I purchased on Audible back on Thursday night. I wanted to watch the movie but the book was much more affordable so I started there.

The title of the book, as can be seen on the title of this post, is Jesus Revolution. Even in the book, the drug scenes were a bit too glamorized for my taste, but then again, I'm a senior citizen and I struggle a bit to look beyond that stuff.

Truth is, I was becoming more and more educated on drugs and I have no interest in learning about that stuff, nor was it necessary for the story.

Otherwise, I thought the book was excellent. It was free on Audible and paying for it was optional, but while reading it I decided I wanted to pay for it and make a contribution to the writers for their efforts.

There were 30 chapters and quite a course in world history provided as a background for the Jesus Revolution. Chapter 24 made reference to the Shepherding Movement of which Patty and I were a part. I thought that the overall story was positive, but not the part about the Shepherding Movement. I felt it was provided with only what it needed to be a part of the story.

The trailer for the movie was very good and the movie is based on the book. I look forward, over time, to the movie becoming a bit more affordable so I can watch it.


Published for Sunday - January 07, 2024


Written Friday - 01/05/24 5:25 PM

Well, it was a busy day today. Just got off the treadmill after a Friday weight-training workout.

Was a bit late today since we provided some assistance to the Snow family in their final push before getting their house closed and getting in it.

Patty and I enjoyed a great lunch at Millie's Sports Grill and Tap Room there in Tallapoosa, GA. We also had a really nice time meeting Millie and learning more about her business.

It was a very long day, but also a very good one. Thanks to Josh and Allie and the grandsons for letting us be a part of their move. Patty and I are so blessed to call them family.

Speaking of blessed, I obtained the Audible book Jesus Revolution and started reading it last night. I'm looking forward to what I can learn from it - especially since we were such a part of much that went on as a portion of it evolved toward the Shepherding Movement.

I want to watch the movie too, since the trailer looked good. But, I don't want to watch it at the current price. Maybe later... Smiley

Vestibular Therapy

Published for Saturday - January 06, 2024

Vestibular Therapy

Written Friday - 01/03/24 10:50 AM

My inner-ear doctor set me up with some vestibular therapy. In just 2 weeks, I've already experienced some dramatic improvements.

Moving the crystals around in my inner-ear has so far been the big deal. It's clear that activity has brought about the biggest changes.

I've gone from being very dizzy during that activity, to not having any dizziness issues today. There's still a bit of wonkiness when I'm up and around, but it's not been a problem to the same extent as before.

The therapists are very positive about the way my body is responding to the therapy. So am I!

Speaking of dramatic improvements, the exercises where I balance on one foot and even some limited eye closing stuff have done much better. Just a week ago I was falling during everything. Now I'm stable and not falling at all. Not bad!


Published for Friday - January 05, 2024

Sunset X

Written Tuesday - 01/02/24 5:05 PM

I just carried that bill (mentioned in the previous post) to the mailbox and was quite taken with God's paintbrush and His handiwork in the sky.

As busy as times are with everything going on, it was just one of those things that brought about a pause in the day for a God moment. And what a God moment it was.


Published for Thursday - January 04, 2024


Written Tuesday - 01/02/24 4:50 PM

I saw an X (formerly Twitter) video today featuring a guy who was complaining about the amount of money being charged by some of the fast food places. In this case he was ranting about Mickey D's as we still call it.

Well, I received the bill for the RMC stay and tests and it was extremely reasonable. What a blessing. The hospital write-off was incredible. But I'm not complaining. I'm as grateful as can be.

Lord, thank you for these blessings. They are indeed wonderful! And let me always keep my perspective about prices in these fast-changing times.


Published for Wednesday - January 03, 2024


Written Tuesday - 01/02/24 3:20 PM

It's been wonderful to have the Snow family visiting with us. They picked out a house and asked us to go and check it out for them. Now they've purchased it and are getting ready to move in.

It's been a busy season and I think we're all ready for things to get back to some sense of normalcy. For the Snow family, that means getting moved in and getting to school and things of that nature. For the DeLoaches, that means providing support to the Snow family while trying to maintain some of our routine including things such as my vestibular therapy sessions.

We knew it was going to be a busy season and that some routine was going to basically fly out the window during this season. I managed to get my car tag updated and the water paid. Both required visits to the local offices due to the lack of technology but both were completed (in a rather manual sense.)

I suppose you just don't appreciate technology until you have to get something done without it. One of the chores was supposed to be able to be performed at a 'closer' office, but it turns out that whatever was needed was not available and I wound up having to make the drive over to the Anniston office, just to complete the task. Hmmm...


Published for Tuesday - January 02, 2024

Fitness X

Written Monday - 01/01/24 10:35 AM

Well, I started the new year on the fitness plan. Since it was Monday, I did the weight training and the 2 mile run.

If I do 2 milers all year long, I believe I'm about 4 miles short of being able to log 10,000 miles for the long-term. I guess the goal will be the 365 times 2 miles per day plus whatever it takes to (4 miles or so) to get the 10k miles on the long-term log.

I'll also stay with the weight training and need to decide if I'm going to stay with the three days per week and two workouts or add one more day to ensure I'm doing both workouts twice per week. Tough decision, LOL!

Either way, I think I've got a doable goal.

Happy New Year!

Published for Monday - January 01, 2024

Happy New Year 2024

Written Sunday - 12/31/23 7:00 AM

Happy New Year! Time to do the end of the month and end of the year technical stuff.

Starting the new year (2024) with post #951.

Had a nice Thai lunch out with the Snow family on Saturday. So good to have them in town.

On the downside, will have to travel to both the water office and Tag office to handle business. Seems I have some pretty serious mailing problems with the water office and looks like the tag office is going to require my attendance at their location to update my ham radio car tag.

That service is not available online for a ham radio car tag. Hmmm...


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