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Patty obtained a subscription to about a month ago and has really been enjoying researching her family tree. She really got addicted to it and stayed up until 5 AM one night while I was on the road.

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I was surprised she found it that interesting until I gave it a try myself. Since I had already researched my father's side the "old fashioned" way and had only given a minor effort to my mom's side, I decided to give the service a test drive on her side of the family.

It didn't take but a few minutes until I clearly understood her addiction. I've been spending some evening hours since digging back into my mom's side of the family. While I have much more information than can be efficiently shared here, I thought I would at least share the primary line of the Hughey name.

I discovered that the Hugheys were from Donegal, Ireland. They arrived in the US sometime in the mid 1700's and settled in Union County (Spartanburg?) South Carolina. It appears there may have been a minor change in the spelling of the last name (Hughley to Hughey) unless it is simply a typo in the records.

James Hughley (correct spelling?) was born in Donegal, Ireland in 1690 and had a son named John in 1725 who was also born there in Donegal. John traveled to the US and lived, as mentioned, in Union County South Carolina. He may have changed the spelling of his last name, for one reason or another, since it is recorded as Hughey.

Here is the line all the way up to the present generation:

Donegal, Ireland

James Hughley (1690 - ) born in Donnegal, Ireland

John Hughey (1725 - ) born in Donnegal, Ireland - married to Mary (Last Name?)

Joseph Hughey (1768 - 1829) & Hannah Noland (1759 - 1852)

Ephriam George Hughey (1809 - 1890) & Sarah Ann Jones (1817 - 1865)

Meridith K Hughey (1865-1903) & Annie L Williams (1872 - 1903)

Henry Earl Hughey (1897) & Sarah Ruth Bogle Hughey

Janice Ellen Hughey DeLoach (1929 - 1998) & Forrest H. DeLoach JR (1929 - )

Hutch DeLoach (1954 - )

Unfortunately, there are no males in the immediate family to carry on with the Hughey name...

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